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This Action Plan provides implementation guidance by applying FORWARD Kosciusko’s county-vision, goals and policy objectives to both county-wide and local contexts. The projects and initiatives included are efforts that county departments and local officials can execute within the roles and responsibilities of their current municipal structure, which provides a realistic framework for change.

The identified projects and initiatives are all expected to contribute to Kosciusko County’s shared vision and goals for the future; however, it is critical to remember that no single project is a complete solution for the county’s documented challenges. While the list of projects and initiatives will make a county-wide impact, what might be more impactful is the introduction of a cooperative strategic investment planning effort that aligns the activities at a county and local level.

FORWARD Kosciusko County is intended to provide guidance as to how capital improvements and strategic administrative actions can be integrated into both the County and local jurisdiction’s annual budgeting and grant application processes.

County Strategic Action Plan

The proposed projects and initiatives provide opportunities for strategic investment in Kosciusko County’s people, places, systems and destinations and feature actions that focus on maintenance, modernization, streetscape enhancements, connectivity, community programs and recreation efforts. The listed projects, while critical to the maintenance and improvement of the County will require significant capital investment.

Identified projects have been organized by location to outline how the County and individual communities can provide investment at differing scales. Within any given municipality, projects have not been further prioritized. Determination of which projects should take precedence should be decided upon by the County and local governing bodies and should be based on available resources.

Road Constuction
Cementing Exterior Wall

Local Action Plans

For a more specific look at how each incorporated area can work to improve their local pedestrian and bicycle routes utilize the links below.  

Town of Claypool

Town of Etna Green

Town of Leesburg

Town of Mentone

Town of Milford

Town of North Webster

Town of Pierceton

Town of Silver Lake

Town of Syracuse

The Town of Winona Lake and the City of Warsaw inventory their strategic investment efforts within their own municipality. As a part of FORWARD Kosciusko County we are not proposing that these maps or recommendations change. 

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