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The Future Land Use Map is intended to be a complement to the goals and policy statements included within the Plan. The map serves as a visual representation of the County’s intended future development, preservation and redevelopment goals.

County and local officials create land use plans as a tool for protecting the character of the community, illustrating the desirable development pattern, and making responsible decisions about future development in the community. Through the use of twelve land use categories, the Future Land Use Plan makes recommendations of future land use classifications and provides general location and development characteristics for all areas of the County.


It should be noted that the Future Land Use Plan is a vision for the future and is to be used as a guideline for making recommendations. The County's Area Plan Commission, as well as local review committees, shall have the ability to analyze specific proposals and uses based on current market conditions and impact to adjacent properties while making future land use decisions.

Land Use Categories

The Future Land Use Map includes 12 land use categories ranging from residential and business uses to parks, open space, and agricultural uses. The categories provide for a variety of development types, densities and amenities. When the Plan is complete, each land use designation will include a written description and a visual inventory of primary development uses to allow for a realistic development pattern within local communities and in all areas of the County.


Diverse mix of residential and employment uses.



Large Lot


Larger residential lots up to an acre.


Large-scale retail buildings and offices


Mix of housing and neighborhood-oriented that is compatible with a transition to lower density areas.



Multi-acre estate single family housing

Public &

Uses related to government and public facilities or utilities, 


Mix of housing that is compatible with a transition to lower density areas.




Mix of low and medium density industrial and office buildings.

Parks & 

Open Space

Uses related to active and passive recreation or environmental protection.

Residential Subdivision

Mix of medium and small lot single family detached homes.



Medium to high density office buildings supported by convenient surface and structured parking.


Uses related to the production and processing of food, animals or livestock.


County Future Land Use and Growth

The Future Land Use Plan presents a set of overarching strategies to guide development, growth, preservation and enhancement within the County. 

The plan takes into account a wide range of factors including existing land use patterns, projected growth, residential demand for housing (ownership and rent), infrastructure capacity and the desires and aspirations of local residents.

A primary goal of the Future Land Use Plan is to  encourage development and redevelopment within the existing City and Towns so that productive agricultural land can be preserved.

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Local Future Land Use and Growth

Each community contributes to the County's Future Land Use Plan. For a more specific look at how each incorporated area can work to grow, enhance and preserve their local areas utilize the links below.  

Town of Claypool

Town of Etna Green

Town of Leesburg

Town of Mentone

Town of Milford

Town of North Webster

Town of Pierceton

Town of Silver Lake

The Town of Syracuse, the Town of Winona Lake and the City of Warsaw all have recent comprehensive plans which include Future Land Use maps. As a part of FORWARD Kosciusko County we are not proposing that these maps change. 

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