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The Future Transportation Plan contains both projections and recommendations for County and local roadways and is intended to guide discussions and evaluations on the functionality and visual character of the area's motorized  transportation systems.

The final Future Transportation Plan was developed by understanding the existing motorized transportation systems, reviewing the recommendations provided within the regional Transportation Plan, analyzing the impacts of the Future Land Use Plan and aligning the functional elements of the system to the community’s goals.


Generally speaking, transportation plans are often used to manage the comprehensive transportation system and guide the development of short, mid and long-range infrastructure projects. Transportation plans often provide guidelines and recommendations on corridor functional classification, critical design standards, the integration public utilities and are often critical in securing infrastructure funding.

County Future Transportation Plan

The Future Transportation Plan focuses on the County’s roadways, including those maintained by the Indiana Department of Transportation. The Transportation Plan analysis and recommendations use the proposed development patterns shown on the Future Land Use Map to provide insight on potential areas of future concern and recommendations on how to balance the functional and aesthetic needs of the system in the future.

A primary goal of the Future Transportation Plan is to  ensure that roadways remain safe and well maintained in the future.

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Local Transportation

Each community contributes to the County's transportation network. For a more specific look at how each incorporated area can work to improve their local roadways and streets utilize the links below.  

Town of Claypool

Town of Etna Green

Town of Leesburg

Town of Mentone

Town of Milford

Town of North Webster

Town of Pierceton

Town of Silver Lake

The Town of Syracuse, the Town of Winona Lake and the City of Warsaw all have recent comprehensive plans which include recommendations on transportation and utility systems. As a part of FORWARD Kosciusko County we are not proposing that these maps or recommendations change. 

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