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The Future Connectivity Plan is a direct result of community outreach and interest in prioritizing pedestrian and bicycle pathways at both local and county-wide scales.

Non-motorized infrastructure, such as sidewalks, multi-use pathways and on street bicycle facilities are becoming an ever more important amenity in communities throughout the country. Used for biking, jogging and walking, these non-motorized amenities provide opportunities for recreation and leisure
travel and in some instances provide an alternative means of transportation for those who may live and work in the area.

During the FORWARD Kosciusko County process, the continued need for non-motorized systems was confirmed by the project steering committee, community stakeholders and the general public.

The Future Connectivity Plan illustrates how broad connections can be made between local communities and county-wide destinations. Additional studies will be needed to finalize routes.

County Future Connectivity

The Connectivity Plan presents a set of overarching strategies to guide the development of walkways, trails and blueways within the County. 

The plan takes into account the desires and aspirations of local residents and is intended to build upon the local sidewalks and trail systems currently in place

A primary goal of the Future Connectivity Plan is to  broadly connect all communities and county-wide destinations. The Plan also emphasizes the activation of the Tippecanoe River.

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Local Connectivity

Each community contributes to the County's ability to stay connected. For a more specific look at how each incorporated area can work to improve their local pedestrian and bicycle routes utilize the links below.  

Town of Claypool

Town of Etna Green

Town of Leesburg

Town of Mentone

Town of Milford

Town of North Webster

Town of Pierceton

Town of Silver Lake

The Town of Syracuse, the Town of Winona Lake and the City of Warsaw all have recent comprehensive plans or bicycle and pedestrian plans that outline recommendations on connectivity. As a part of FORWARD Kosciusko County we are not proposing that these maps or recommendations change. 

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