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A vision statement is a narrative that paints a picture of what can be achieved following the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan. The narrative is intended to be ambitious and inspirational, depicting the community’s collective desires, and serving as the foundation for the Plan’s goals, objective and recommendations. The vision statement should be something that everyone can support. It should be something that everyone can take responsibility for.

The final vision statement incorporated the main ideas and recurring themes that emerged from data analysis, community workshop sessions, stakeholder meetings and interviews and through the public survey. 

The final vision statement attempts to reflect on the strong assets found across the County, including our industries, our agricultural lands and our regional destinations. The statement also showcases our future desire to build upon those strengths by finding new and innovative ways to come together to improve the lives of local residents and business owners.


Our past has provided us with a strong foundation.

Kosciusko County has a history of fostering the industries of agriculture, medical device manufacturing, and businesses serving the recreation sector. Today, the County is home to just under 80,000 individuals, we are known for our unique destinations and waterways, our strong economy and our high quality of life. Kosciusko County, and our local city and towns, are full of assets and opportunities that can build a bright future.

Our future is reliant on our ability to work together to become a stronger community.

Kosciusko County, and our local city and towns aspire to be a strong community of welcoming, engaged people, businesses and organizations that continually work to improve the lives of our residents and the condition of our businesses, industries, destinations and natural assets.


Our collaborative actions will allow us to create a thriving community that all can enjoy.

Kosciusko County, and our local city and towns are committed to prioritizing the needs of our community’s people, places, systems, destinations and partnerships to cultivate a community that:

Ensures the safety, wellness and success of our local residents, employers and business owners. 

Provides for balanced, planned and orderly growth. 


Plans for effective public services and facilities. 

Creates and nurtures unique destinations for local and regional enjoyment.

Manages local resources and plans for continued reinvestment throughout the County.

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