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Steering Committee Weighs in on Draft Vision and Goal Statements

On Wednesday June 30, 2021, the project consulting team held the third steering meeting with the Kosciusko County Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee. The meeting was held at the Kosciusko County Community Foundation office from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, and also offered online accessibility for those unable to meet in person.

The third steering committee meeting marked a point within the planning process where the focus begins to shift from information gathering and documentation of existing conditions of the county, to the creation of goals, strategies, and the various other elements which will make up the final document. While various engagement opportunities will still take place, topics such as land use, transportation, and facility improvements will begin to take the forefront in the planning process.

You can review the complete summary, and review the presentation which includes the draft vision and goal statements by downloading the documents.

Download PDF • 375KB
Download PDF • 16.87MB

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