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Key Issues and Common Themes Emerge in Scenario Process.

As a part of the land use and growth scenario process the planning team facilitated a highly

interactive workshop charrette over the course of a (2) two-day period. During the charrette all previous data collection, community interviews, and interaction with the steering committee and stakeholder groups was presented, in addition to a short, detailed presentation on background information, local trends, guiding principles and workshop instructions before turning participants over to workshop facilitators to build their future.

Additional information on the land use scenario process, and attendees can be found in this update post. Following the land use and growth scenario sessions, the consulting team consolidated all of the input provided to determine what common themes emerged over the course of the two day event.

The complete summary can be found in the link below.

Kosciusko County Scenario Workshop Results 10202021
Download PDF • 4.42MB

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