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Increasing Our Reach: Outreach Committee Orientation

Recently we completed a series of three orientation meetings for the Project Outreach Committee. In total, nearly 90 individuals/ organizations were invited to take part in the orientation sessions. The Project Outreach Committee will help spread the word about the process and key community engagement opportunities. Throughout the process this group will meet in advance of major community events to drive interest and participation in the process.

The orientation meeting focused on the four key ways that individuals and/ or groups could participate in the planning process. Our hope is that the committee can FOLLOW and LIKE the project website and social media accounts, SHARE posts, links and information with their professional connections throughout the process, CREATE new content by working with the planning team and CONSIDER ways that the planning team can integrate into existing outreach being done by local individuals and organizations.

Additional information, written content and links will be provided to the outreach committee throughout the process.

If you were not notified about participating in the Outreach Committee and your business or organization is interested in helping share information during our process, please reach out to to learn how you can help.

Outreach Committee Orientation_FINAL
Download PDF • 1.68MB



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