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Our second steering committee meeting focused on today.

On Tuesday April 13 and Wednesday April 14, 2021, the project consulting team held the second steering meeting with the Kosciusko County Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee. To accommodate schedules and meeting preferences, Tuesday’s meeting was held using Zoom and Wednesday’s meeting was held at the Kosciusko County Community Foundation office. Both events took place from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

To help guide the planning process, the majority of the meeting was focused on group discussions, with the emphasis being on current conditions and general aspirations. Each participant was provided with a meeting packet that included a general snap shot of current condition information which included: population, income and education statistics, as well as land use, transportation and destination maps. The exercises were designed to provide conversation and thought around four key topics: PEOPLE, PLACES, SYSTEMS and DESTINATIONS.

A complete summary of the meeting discussion can be found in the attached documents.

Download PDF • 349KB
FORWARD Kosciusko_SCMtg_Presentation_041
Download • 2.67MB

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